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You will not find these children’s stories on any other website or in your local bookshop, there is no magic or violence in our stories, or anything that could be considered offensive.

Where else can you read stories about a Dung Beetle or

a Cockroach? And where else will you find a story about

a Great White Shark that will not frighten your child,

but have them laughing and smiling? The stories are all

funny, but they are also designed to help children learn

more difficult words with ease, because they will be

motivated to ask their parents the meaning. Parents will

find that their children will learn the limericks ( poems )

in the stories, and this will inspire creativity.

 Animal Stories for children of all ages.


 This site contains 50 animal stories written by Black Angus McFuskey the Laird of Invercuddy. If you want to find out more about this amazing man please look at the Info page.

There are 50  stories to collect, and they can be purchased in the SHOP and are sold at pocket money prices so they are easily affordable. They can be read on any Windows computer or Android or MAC device, as long as the device can display PDF or EPUB files. There is also a Flipbook version for Windows.

The ‘Did You Know’ page in every book will add to both your child's knowledge and your own, and you could not have a better or more wriggly teacher than Willy the Worm to help you learn ( see the Books 2 page ).

Please browse the site to see and learn more about what

these stories have to offer you and your children. Black

Angus and I are confident that you will like what you

see, and love what you buy and read.


In the 3 Books pages you will find,

amazing tales of the animal kind.

Short descriptions that fit so well,

the stories in our SHOP we sell.

There 50 ebooks can be found,

if reading levels are fairly sound.

Or Dad and Mum can read to you, and Grandma and Grandpa can

read a few.

Pictures and rhymes can help you see, how wonderful stories can really be. So parents and children please don’t be coy, for browsing this site you will enjoy!

Please visit the


     Please Note:

This site is suitable    for parents, as

  long as they are   accompanied by

 at least one child.

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