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In the insect underworld lives public enemy number one, a smelly little creature who is sure to come undone. His name is Simon Scarface Roach a really dirty chap, who stays ahead of justice and dodges every trap. But he can’t run forever and soon he’ll meet his end, for no one loves a cockroach and him they’ll not defend. These villains of the underworld all have learned to hate, so roaches of the world beware you can’t avoid your fate.

The pictures are colourful, and characters from one story often appear in another

story. It can be fun trying to find Willy the Worm who tends to pop up in many of

the books. You can see him in both of the pictures on this page, in the Dung Beetle picture he is wearing a gas mask ( I wonder why? ).

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Children love to collect things, so

Black Angus wrote 50 animal stories. Collecting them should keep your

children happy and quiet for some

time, and teach them about these

creatures in a fun and interesting way.

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These stories are definitely not your run of the mill fluffy bunnies and cuddly kitten

tales, but this fact only makes them much more interesting to the average child.

Gerwyn the Croc Barry the Dung Beetle Anyone Seen a dog? Oops! Missed one.

If you are sick of children’s stories that are full of wizards and demons, and fill your child’s mind with excessive violence, then you have come to the right

place. This site contains stories that are exciting and fun, but with none of

the above.  Just good clean tales that will delight your children and you!

The 2 pictures on

this page gives you

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layout of the tales.

Each story contains

2 limericks, they are

always funny and can

make even the most

serious of children