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Please be assured that your e-mail address will never be shared with anyone else Have an idea for a new page, or just want to comment on the poems or the site layout ? Then contact Angus! Just £1.00 Adolf the Parrot Barry the Beetle Clarence the Pig 2 Cujo the Ferret Drago the Dinosaur Gerwyn the Croc Howell the Hippo Kenny the Catfish Muriel the Mole Percy the Penguin Sally the Snail Titus the Toad
Alyson the Kitten Billy the Bat Clive the Camel Danny the Drake Francis the Flying Fish Gogo the Gorilla Jamie the Spider Lee the Flea Norman and Betty Peter the Python Sammy the Shark Tommy the Tortoise Willy the Worm
Andrew the Ant Bobby the Banana Colin the Bumbly Donald the Donkey Gary the Gooseberry Gordon the Gannet Jason the Dog Mickey the Mosquito Otto the Octopus Randal the Rhino Samson the Serpent Tommy the Tortoise 2 Yuri the Yeti
Baggins the Tomcat Clarence the Pig Conrad the Spider Doug and Joan Gavin the Goat Henry the Hedgehog Kathy the Kangaroo Morton the Mantis Patricia the Crow Rhugia the Tiger Simon the Cockroach Valerie the Hen

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