Info Stories Pictures Books 1 Books 2 Books 3 Shop Home A worms gotta do, what a worms gotta      do.   Burp! For those of you that don’t know, Krakatoa is  an island between Java and Sumatra Indonesia,  north of Australia. It has a volcano that blew  it’s top in August 26–27, 1883, and killed over  36,000 people. Angus would like to say a few words about his  family tree and the apparent strange nature  of some of his relatives: “And you think  you’ve got problems”! Captain Jonah     Grubbit Victoria Grubbit Archibald Wallace     McFuskey Elizabeth McFuskey Patricia McFuskey Doctor Thomas      Plodder Elsbeth Plodder Gladis McFuskey Donald Mcfuskey Alfred McFuskey Angus McFuskey Only Son Of

The Mcfuskey’s are really a

funny old bunch, people you’d

never invite home to lunch.

they’re zany and crazy and

terribly queer, but examine

them closely there’s nothing

to fear. They’re really quite

nice in a strange sort of way,

so read all about them, and

meet them today.

This is the unofficial family history of the McFuskey clan for the last 150 years. Angus comes from a very colourful background, and many of his ancestors led

very interesting lives. Actually this page is only for fun, because most of the information here is not true ... Well some of it is not true ... Really only a small amount of it is not true ... A very small amount ..... The police never did find the printing press!

Family   fun