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Please accept my apology as

some of the fleas from the

“Lee the Flea” story have

escaped, and they are

almost impossible to catch.

Two more pictures to give you a taste of what each story contains, there are eight pictures in each book not counting the front and back covers, thirty pages in total, and all the pictures are hand drawn.

Parents will enjoy reading

these stories as much as their children, and  they and their older children can read them to the younger ones.

There is an example of a page from a story below, an effort has been made to use normal every day language and not to spoil the story by using baby words. Children are much more able to follow every day speech after about 4 years of age than most people realize, and they learn very quickly from the use of larger words far quicker than you might expect.

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A Word From      Angus Last Squeak Jamie the Spider Yuri the Yeti

Mr Blythe the owner of the house was determined to remove all the bugs as he called them from his home. To this end he used fly sprays, powders, poisons and even his boots to crush, squash, flatten and gas every insect he could find.

The flies had fought back by landing on his food and wiping their feet, and by swimming in his teacup.

The spiders had tried to occupy his bath, and would run across his carpets in wild acts of heroism.

Section from “Mickey the Mosquito” 50 brilliant stories

Cats in the cupboard cats in the house, cats in the sideboard after a mouse,

mice are here mice are there,

mice are hiding everywhere.

Cats will wait for one mistake,

unwary mice their claws will take,

If you’re a mouse just  hide away,

and live to squeak another day.

Confucius say Abominable Snowman fall down hole, and Yeti climbs out again.