Info Stories Pictures Books 1 Books 2 Books 3 Shop Home Just hanging     around Angus has drawn this representation of the Maw from memory  as he very rarely sees it nowadays, and when he does it is almost  always in moonlight. The Maw is about seven feet tall, and  appears to be nocturnal. There is no historical record that can be found of the Maw’s existence anywhere in India, except for a small region in the north where several villages report a creature that was seen in the area in times past, no reliable description exists.
Rhyme Soon!

The Flea’s of the world are so sad, they think they don’t get a fair deal, everyone says we are bad,

and they don’t even care how we feel.

It’s only a tiny small bite, and really doesn’t hurt at all, and we never ever give you a fright, cause it’s not even felt when we call.

We know that we leave you an itch, and all you

want is to scratch, but if you don’t want us don’t bitch, just get rid of your dogs and your cats!

A fleas   story Buy some   stories The Maw does not like bright lights. No eyes nose or ears visible through the fur. Huge hairy head (or body). Brown legs and arms, sandy or copper coloured fur. Wide mouth that splits  the face. Eats fungus and moss, and  drinks water. Flat grinding teeth, and two large fangs. Large claws on hands and feet. Onion breath

The Maw is a creature not many have seen, and could have come out of a very bad dream. It’s big and quite scary and smells very strong, if you think it’s a danger you’d really be wrong. Cause the Maw is quite friendly and ready to play, so call any night and he’ll want you to stay!

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