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Donald prepared very well for his Mars expedition, but sadly the wind wasn’t with him. He did eventually land on what he thought was Mars but actually was a building site near Blackpool beach.

Donald was convinced that he was on Mars,and when he heard something that sounded like music in the distance, and the words of a song, “We are the diddy men who come from knotty Ash”, he knew he was right!

Rubberised bottom to basket to make

a safe bump free landing.

Balloon filled with Helium gas so that the balloon won’t explode because of

the heat of re-entry.

Four pairs of Long john underwear to counteract the cold of space.

Semaphore flags to contact ground control, though they will need to use binoculars to read the messages when

I get to Mars.

Packed lunch of cold hairless Haggis

sandwiches to eat on the way.

Small bottle of water, I can get more from the Martian canals.

Can of little green men repellant, in

case the Martians are not very friendly, it’s really for greenfly but they are the same colour, so it should work!

Just a weather balloon Slippery customer

Wait...Is this creature a Martian ?

No...Just a little spider out for a stroll !

Snails are sluggish and slow as they

slip along the ground, they rarely travel by day and slither without a sound. On their backs they carry

their home which protects them

from the sun, and they slide back into shade when the night is finally done!

Spiders are nice, yes

spiders are cute, 8 little legs and a body to suit.

Spiders can hang from a single web strand, but often they fall on your head or your hand.

You then brush them off so they land on the floor, and you jump up and down till they're squashed and no more.

If you leave them alone they’ll run back to their den, for they’re more afraid of you than you are of them.