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The secret of the Maw is a tale that’s not been told, the strangest creature ever seen and really very old. It lives in dark and lonely places away from prying eyes, and when you think what man can do, the Maw is truly wise.


Angus McFuskey, who wrote these children’s stories, is often called “Black” because of the dark moods he sometimes exhibits. He was born in Scotland in the village of Invercuddy near his family’s ancestral home of McFuskey Hall, a huge rambling house built in the 17th century. The house is situated on the shore of Loch Cuddy in over 50 acres of heath land. How he came to start writing children’s stories would be a wonderful story in its own right, but suffice to say It happened after young Angus at only 11 years of age, had an unforgettable encounter with the Invercuddy Maw, a legendary creature that was so terrifying to look at, it could make a grown man cry, though this probably had more to do with the distinctive smell it gave off that was like strong freshly sliced onions.

 Anyway, Angus survived this encounter and actually formed a strong bond of trust with the Maw. From that day onward, Angus showed a real interest in creatures of every type, and these stories reflect that love of animals. I hope you enjoy these sometimes incredible tales and always funny and very entertaining stories, as much as we did in putting them together for your pleasure.

More History:

“My great grandfather Archibald Wallace McFuskey was a great

traveller, and he spent several years in India. According to my

own research, while there he somehow came into contact with

an old man who told him an amazing tale about a strange beast

that lived in the ruins of a once great city far to the north. He said the beast was known as a Maw, the locals were terrified.

After some soul searching, I realized that I could not leave you

in suspense regarding the Invercuddy Maw, so I had a word with

Angus, and he agreed to give more information, so here it is:

Looks like we will have to wait until Black Angus decides to tell us more!

With the old man as a guide, Archibald travelled to the ruins and found this creature.

Nothing more is written about his journey or how he captured the creature, but Archibald must have brought it back to McFuskey Hall, or I would never have encountered it. The strange thing is that Archibald’s journey took place 127 years ago, and the creature is still alive today. I may write a book about my encounter with the Invercuddy Maw, and how it changed my life and led to me writing these stories. So for now, this is all I will say.”