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T’was on a night most dark and drear when owls would hoot and cry,

and creatures loving blackened skies would haunt the woods near by.

Then near the house in deepest shadow a giant figure stalked, and

crept around the moonlit walls where ancient men once walked.

The hall was wrapped in heavy gloom and nothing human stirred,

the figure moved so silently not e'en a dog was heard.

It skulked towards an open door where faintest light was seen,

inside the cook made breakfast bread and boiling water steamed.

The door swung wide and in its light an awesome creature framed,

the cook just fainted clean away and for this she can’t be blamed.

When she revived she told the police what she had clearly seen,

they took no note of her report they thought that she had dreamed.

A basket full of mushrooms was now missing that was plain, but

giant footprints on the lawn they never could explain.

And so began the legend of dark McFuskey Hall,  but if you browse

this website it’s no mystery at all.

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