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We are never seen because we’re hidden from your sight,

and though we’re very tiny we pack a fearsome bite.

For we can make you suffer and bring you great distress,

your joy for life a misery your dreams a total mess.

We multiply in silence you don’t even know we’re there,

and as your health disintegrates we leave you in despair.

For nothing seems to stop us and hope just fades away,

you feel that death is stalking you won’t see another day.

Then suddenly through pain and hurt a saviour has appeared,

an army of small soldiers to chase away the tears.

and very soon your feeling well the villain has been slain,

the sky is blue the clouds have gone the sun shines forth again.

Your saviour army disappears back from whence it came,

the battles won the war has ended but this is not a game.

Those little warriors fought for you till all your enemies fade,

and we should not forget the fact that we are wonderfully made.


and Antibodies