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A wonderland of mysteries and strange and weird tales, of elephants and Cuckoo birds and dinosaurs and snails.

Of donkeys pigs and shrinking worms and sharks with toothy jaws, of dogs and

frogs and fishy fins and insects fighting wars.

There’s monkeys apes and gooseberries and conkers in the park, there’s bees and crocs and cricket balls and mosquitos in the dark.

There’s snakes and mice and kangaroos and tiger acrobats, and rhinos fleas

And octopus and cockroach wearing hats.

Of banana skins and scaredy goats and moggies midnight songs, of spiders hens

and tortoises and ducks upon a pond.

The stories that McFuskey tells are marvellously written, so view this site and buy a few and you will soon be smitten.