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Elizabeth McFuskey as you probably already know was a serial

bigamist, but she did marry one very famous husband:

All you have to do is click your cursor or tap on the green

buttons to find out which one of the guys below it was?

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All of the characters on this page are taken from the free clipart (Caricature) sites on the Web, And are here only used for fun.

Ladies   day

This one sang a lot, and always seemed  to be somewhere else. It was almost as if he were from

another planet.


A very sporty guy, who could talk all day about sport. But he never ever

talked to her. Also he was a bit of a goofball.


All he did was talk about clothes and hats all day, and he went through life thinking that this world was some sort of a wonderland.


A very wise and

knowledgeable man, who was reliable quick and strong. But she couldn’t understand a word he said.


A handsome debonair man, who’s charming and witty. But she couldn’t stand him calling her “Baby, baby, baby”.


A very intelligent and strong minded person with a wicked sense of humour. But his chatty

nature gave her a right  royal headache.


She really liked this

one, he was kind

thoughtful and soft

spoken. But she

couldn’t decide if he were a man or a mouse?


This one was a born comedian with the ability to make anyone laugh. But Shirley, I mean surely not Elizabeth’s type.


A very secretive man who loves to radiate an air of mystery.

His job however left her shaken and not stirred.


A real hard man who would fight  for his rights. but Whenever he had arguments with Elizabeth, he would call her a dirty rat.


Another strange and wacky man but he was attractive in a funny sort of way. It turned out he was even more crazy than she was.


A happy chap who often smiles, and loves to sing. But he had weight trouble. And she wanted to avoid getting  into another fine mess.


This one loved to go hiking, often he would tramp for miles over hills and dales, never thinking of her needs.


A very good looking

man, who told her

he was a private


But she didn’t want

him investigating her.


A man with a strong

charismatic and

domineering way,

but Elizabeth would never let him get the bite on her.


A really elegant man

who always exhibited excellent manners.

To posh by far for

Elizabeth, he acted to much like an old English butler.


A good looking man, one

who could charm ladies

by just smiling at them. But Elizabeth only turned her back, and he was

gone with the wind.


A real tough hombre

who walks tall where

ever he goes. But

Elizabeth could not

get used to him

shouting YeeHaa!

every time he went

horse riding with her.


A true comic genius

and the only man

who could make our

Elizabeth happy (for

a while).

Husband number (?)

Even she could never



This one had a cold

rotten disposition and

a dry crisp personality,

but he couldn’t handle

life, and would often

fall apart at the wrong times.


A Happy chap who was always there for her, caring and concerned about her health. But he was also a bit of

a lemon.


For this man the whole world was a stage. And

he was a very good dancer, but don’t ever step on his shoes or he would go wild, just like

a rabid hound dog.


A man who loved to sing, above anything else in life. In fact he was such a soft and dreamy singer, he often put her to sleep.


A diplomat of note, who loves parties.

But the party was

always spoiled by

him giving long and

boring speeches.


Elizabeth McFuskey led a strange and wacky life, this pretty lass made men desire to have her as a wife. But she could not be happy with any man for long, a marriage lasted but a week and then she would be gone. To any man that meets her I give this warning cry, To see her is to love her until the day you die.