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The information contained in the “DID YOU KNOW” section is taken from various reference works and is not guaranteed to be up to date. But the essential content is accurate and useful as a basis for further research.


Rolling in the mire and snuffling in the yard, is what a pig does best  he never finds it hard. Eating

is another thing that pigs will do all day,

at dark it’s time for sleeping and to grunt the night away.


That there are about 1800 species of fleas, one of which is called the Oriental rat flea, or plague flea. This flea was probably responsible for the terrible plague known as the Black death of the Middle Ages.

Although a flea bite is painless, it injects a saliva into the wound and this saliva contains an anti clotting agent, and this is what causes your dog or cat to scratch, because it causes an itchy red patch around the bite.

Under good conditions the human flea can live up to four months, during this time she can lay between 400 and 500  eggs. One of the vilest of all fleas is a brute called the Chigoe, this flea originated in the Americas and spread to Africa on infested sailors, the Chigoe burrows into the skin of its victim often under toenails, if not spotted straight away, it can cause abscesses and tetanus or even gangrene. Cat and dog fleas can carry typhus or even as has been mentioned bubonic plague, dog fleas also carry tape worm.

Nothing in life is certain, and nothing

in life is sure, for gooseberries and bananas the future is very poor, a fruit pie or a crumble, they’d avoid it if they could, but you and I must all admit, they taste so yummy good.

Fruit   Pie Pigging    Out